Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Brunch with the Girls

I was in the mood for crepes, and aside from IHOP, there aren't any spectacular places where we can get crepes for breakfast. So, I made them! Fresh strawberries, cantalope, Jersey blueberries, whip cream, chocolate sauce... they were awesome! Lily even liked them!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Thank You!

Many thanks to ComfortablyCrazy for making a custom apron for my neice! She loves it! She was helping Grandma 'Cinna' in the kitchen. Apparently she was walking around in just the apron and undies for most of the day, she was wearing all she wanted to wear! Visit her Etsy site HERE for other aprons, or contact her if you have something special in mind! Thanks again H!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Beach Day

Saturday was beach day, or as they say here, we went to the "shore". The kids looked like they had a great time, Hubby got to play some volleyball, and I brought my camera! We have dunes and boats at the shore! I miss seeing the piers of CA, there is a pier in Atlantic City with shops on it, but its not the same as having one every 2 miles or so that you can walk on, fish off of, etc. It was a beautiful day, 80's and humid as usual though. And they have bitting FLIES here!! I hadn't encountered them before, but Yikes! They are huge and they hurt when they bite!! Hubby said they are called green-heads. Me no like. All in all, a good day though. I got to play with the black&white setting on my camera. Here are a few of my pictures! I am really frustrated with, I can't get some of the pictures to rotate. Grrr.
My niece refused to smile most of the time, but she is very photogenic if you are patient... and yes, that is a very sandy sandwich she is holding. It lasted a painfully long time, and she ended up eating the whole thing. Ew.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Darrah!

Brian, Erika and I treated Darrah to a spa day for her birthday! Looked like she enjoyed her alone time, and the pampering! We brought her tea sandwiches and champagne during her pedicure. I discovered frozen grapes! Awesome idea, they are like mini popsicles, and they make champagne keep bubbling! Sure to spice up any event.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I have been feeling a little out of control lately, so I decided to tackle a project: redecorating the laundry room... by myself. It was either that, or get my hair cut. No one goes in the laundry room but me, so I figured there would be no harm in giving it a whoorl. I found a yellow that I really liked on the paint chip, but now that its on the wall I'm a little undecided. It seems a bit more in-your-face than I intended. I was thinking more antique-y. Too late now! I was however, quite impressed with myself! It only took about 3 hours to paint the whole thing! I found some mahogany stain and I am going to try to make some shelves next. I have some antique tin signs that I want to hang up also. I read that if you are painting a small space that you should paint the ceiling too, so that there isn't an abrupt starting/stoping line at the ceiling... making the room appear smaller. I pondered this, and decided to try it. I think they are right! I will post more pictures as the project progresses.