Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Day No Mice Would Die

Was not today. After many days of being tormented with snap traps licked clean without being sprung, and several days of empty sticky traps, today was the day we found our little friend. The bad part was that he was actually kind of cute. Little gray fellow with a white stripe on his head. Not at all the menacing creature I expected to find. But it was very sad to see his feet stuck on a sticky trap and him trying desperately to get free. If it weren't for Hubby's aversion to mice I would have called him to dispose of the poor thing so I wouldn't have to see it suffer. Can you tell I miss all of the pets we had? I would have put him in a cage and kept him, but Hubby would have been grossed out. So, we made a compromise. I would 'take care' of the live mouse in the cupboard, and he agreed to dispose of any and all arachnoids in the house from now on. So without a good reason to have him boil water, I had him empty the upstairs trash while I took care of things. I don't think I've ever had to kill a small animal on purpose. Well ok , I did shoot at a few squirrels but I don't think I ever actually killed any of them. So anyhoo, I packaged the little guy up in an opaque bag and into the big garbage bag with Hubby then promptly took out. A sad day, but hopefully the last we see of mice droppings. Ew.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Sick, Again

I am so tired of being sick. I had a hacking cough for most of December and now it looks like Hubby and I both have bad colds. My face and head feels like I had a run in with a cinder block while I was asleep. It is not pretty when both of us are sick, it's downright lousy. We both stay in our pj's all day, and neither of us feel like doing anything. So, the cereal bowls begin piling up. Real healthy when you're sick, but I am not in the mood to cook, and he isn't exactly volunteering to do it either. I want my mommy! Mom's are the best when you're sick. They always know which drugs to give you and take great care of you. Oh man, what am I going to do when we have kids and I get sick?? Is there a pre-plan for that?!

Our New Years was good. We went to Erika's for a dinner party, ate great food, played some Scattagories and chatted it up with friends. Then we stopped by Mark and Andrea's where a YP's bash was in full swing. The adults were playing a game called CatchPhrase, which has a handheld electronic thingy that you pass around the room. It randomly comes up with words in particular categories and you have to make your team guess the word. Kind of a cross between verbal Pictionary and Taboo. It was hilarious, and a blast to play! For anyone that likes Pictionary, look into this game- its perfect for large groups. So then we headed home, being the old people that we are. We arrived home just in time to see the ball drop, then we fell asleep. Wahoo. That was our evening.

Hubby is taking me down to Atlanta for our Anniversary! He has some work to do for JohnR down there, but then we'll have a little relaxation time. AND..... I booked another trip back to CA! I am so excited. I miss the boys so much! The problem is fitting in time to see everybody while I'm there. I'll be there 1/29- 2/6.