Thursday, February 14, 2008

Auntie's Helper

I am still editing and uploading pictures from my all-too-brief trip to CA. ChubChub is growing up so fast! He was more than willing to help me out in the kitchen... I can't imagine why!

Mom and I tried to give the boys haircuts one day. I am surprised that more little kids don't have bowl cuts! They squirm and wriggle like you wouldn't believe!! I never thought a haircut could be so much work! The sucker was a huge help. I have a new appreciation for little kids with haircuts. Hats off to you moms that do-it-yourself.

These are my favorite little guys!! I miss them like crazy.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Catching Up

It has been forever since I posted last, apologies all around! Hubby and I celebrated our first anniversary in January! To celebrate, we left sunny NJ and I went with him on a business trip down to Atlanta, GA. It snowed while we were there. Unbelieveable. I think cold weather follows me around on purpose for some reason. When I moved to NJ last February, they said it was the coldest winter they'd seen in a long time. When Hubby and I went to Italy several years ago, they said that it was the coldest it had been in 60 years because of some Siberian winds. Now we head to the South, to the center of a drought, and get snowed on! It was beautiful, and it cleared the streets because it scared the locals. We had a fabulous dinner in the little town of Newnan where we were staying. I had roasted elk, and fried green tomatoes! When in Rome... right? After Hubby finished his work we spent a day sightseeing in Atlanta. Since it was about 25 degrees, we didn't do much. We did however visit the World of Coca Cola. It was so much fun! Check out there website and visit if you are ever in the area. The best part was that they had free samples at soda fountains of Coke products from around the world. Some were disgusting, but some were really tasty, like Vegita Beta from Japan, and Bibo -the bright yellow Pine Nut candy soda from South Africa. They also had a lot of memorabilia and history of Coke, and a 4D movie about how they put happiness in every bottle. Hubby was convinced that they suck the moisture out of the building so it makes you really thirsty. I wouldn't put it past them. They also had a working mini-bottling factory that you could watch every step of. It was facinating and they said they produced enough bottles on site to supply the free sample bottles that each visitor gets and for their gift shop/cafe. We were impressed! Hubby said that Tim Ruga is a huge Coke fan, so we'll be sending our sample bottles in a Coke-care-package to Malawi.