Monday, May 19, 2008

Dianna Elizabeth Sikora

After much anticipation, little Dianna is finally here! She was born at 3:08am and weighs about 7 lbs.

Friday, May 16, 2008


The Flyers narrowly avoided elimination and live to see another game! In a edge-of-your-seat game the Flyers won 3 to 2. Woohoo! We can actually see the game much better from home in HD, and it's narrated!! (And you can see Marti's eyes!) But you can't get the same passion and energy you find in the stadium. (Hubby does try though!) They had about 3 fights in the last minute of the game, and it's much more fun to watch up close!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A sad day in Mudville...or Philly. Whatever.

The Flyers lost, again. But this time we witnessed it in person. It was bad, very bad. Hubby and I drove up to Philly to watch Game 3 in Round 3 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. It has been very exciting, and we were hoping they would win (since they lost the last 2 games in Pittsburg) since they were at home. The whole night was a bit rocky. To start with, parking was a nightmare. There was a baseball game starting 30 min before the hockey game... and the stadiums are across the street from each other. It took us over an hour to park. Then we start watching the game and it got worse. I think 'Penguins' is an odd name for a team of large, aggressive, sweaty men, but what do I know? They beat the pants off us, on our home turf, in front of a sold out stadium. I won't bore you all with details. Then it took about 2 hours to drive what normally takes 1 hour, mainly because the parking lot was so jammed up. We did get free bright orange XL tshirts! This is the only time you will ever catch me wearing orange. I am partially deaf now, but I had a great time yelling and screaming! Maybe next year...

Found the kitten

Found the little guy under the porch finally. I guess she only had 2 kittens. One of the girls that works here took the other one home. And I was having a stare-down with the goat, who kept trying to steal my sandwich. All in a days work... What did you do at work today? : )

Saturday, May 10, 2008

My new kitty

I adopted a cat. This one my husband can't complain about because she lives at work! I adopted a stray cat that lives under the restaurant. She is very little, and just had kittens apparently! I haven't found them yet though. I treated her for fleas and ticks, and set out her food dish when I'm done working. She is so sweet, and comes when I call "kitty". She purrs and rubs up against my legs when I come outside, then follows me around till I go back in. We also have a pet goat named Marika (Mar-ee-ka) that lives behind the restaurant! And a rooster! :) I now have only to step out the back door to get my animal 'fix'. Wahoo! I have missed being around all the wildlife.

Friday, May 09, 2008

New Acquisition

TaDa! I finally found a high chair. At a yard sale, for a really good deal! It is very 'retro', and perfect for Lily and which ever munchkins come to visit. And no, Darrah still hasn't had the baby yet.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Way To Go Flyers!

Umberger was amazing tonight. Woohoo! Flyers won 6-4 in a tense game, moving them on into the next round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. :) Lots of cheering in this house. I have come to really enjoy hockey! We should be buying up stock in Tums though. I was going to post a cool picture from the game from the Flyers website, but I'm not sure if that would be legal or not.

Springtime in NJ

Spring is here! The cherry trees are done blooming, and I wasn't quick enough to take pictures of those. Even the dogwoods look like they are almost done, but the colors are still stunning. Blooms from white to dark pink they brighten up the landscape. The woods are getting greener by the day, and now the azaleas are blooming too! Darrah, Erika and I went for a walk yesterday,,, to try to induce labor. We stopped at WaWa for a sandwich, picked some lilacs on the side of the road then took a chocolate break. We strolled around for 2 hours- smelled the flowers, picked a few and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine.

Friday, May 02, 2008


So the room isn't completely back together, but it's come a long way! I love our new room! Just a warning to those of you looking to buy black wood furniture... make sure you really like to dust first. Its a daily chore. But on the bright side you can write love notes in the dust... how romantic. : ) I left my house in the middle of upheaval when I went out to CA, so it's nice to have things back to 'normal'.