Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Healthy As A Horse

I know, he is too cute for his own good. JakeJake is doing very well. We had a bit of a scare on Sunday when we found a 'squishy' spot near the back of his head. The doctor sent them to Loma Linda ER to get another CT scan, but they wanted to see the original scans first.. so they came home with no news. On Monday, doctor had them go to the local ER and they actually did another scan. They were able to get the originals and said that there were no changes and he looked great. There weren't any fractures near the spot of concern, therefore it was just a bruise-like hematoma under the skin and should go away after a while. His face looks great, he still has a little black under the one eye, but other than that he is as adorable as ever. He has got tons of energy too! Auntie has to take naps when they do- it's tough keeping up with those two boys! I am really going to miss them!! Yes, that is a hospital bracelet on his foot. He had a fit when I slipped it off his foot, he tried putting it back on. So we left it.

Our family has always had animals around. We were raised to love and care for our pets, and animals in general. From the time I could walk, we had pets. I remember a duck named Charlie, chickens, and numerous cats over the years named kitty, just to name a very few. As we got older, our animals got bigger. My little nephews are no different. If you don't have pets, you go catch something. They have a beautiful dog named Chester, which sounds like "Teh 'TAH" from Jacob. The influction in his voice sounds just like we do when calling the dog. Chester was bad this week though and killed the baby rabbit that Jim had been watching out the window lately. On a brighter note, Caleb has been collecting caterpillers! Not the fuzzy kind, he informed grandma, 'They pokey". He keeps some leaves in their bucket for food, and when they escape each morning, he finds a few more to replentish the bucket. Jim also found a lizard on the porch which is now in a fish tank in the living room. Caleb named him Algea. We aren't sure why. The bad part about Algea is that he eats crickets, live crickets. Bugs give Auntie the willies, but the lizard is fun to watch.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Getting Better

Chub Chub is continuing to improve! A relative told us that it could take up to 48 hours for the Morphine to completely clear out of his system, and it looks like they were right. He has been more hyper than normal lately, but last night he was more subdued and borderline grumpy. I suppose that was a good thing, now he is moving slightly slower and seems to be more aware that he is 'hurt'. His balance is still a little off, probably becuase his eye is still about half shut, but its getting better each day. It's cute to see him tilt his head back to try to see things with both eyes. He has an appointment this afternoon with the family doctor.
This is where he fell, it's behind the garage. It was hard to get out of Caleb exactly where he fell from but we think it was somewhere below the top landing on the stairs. We think he may have hit the ledge on the way down which helped to break his fall. It could have been a lot worse, so we are very thankful!

Grandma gave him a 'George' balloon with a big band-aid on it. Very cute.

Big Brother is helping Daddy put a fence up around the front porch.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

He's Home!

Jacob was discharged today. Thank you for all your prayers! We are thankful his injuries weren't more serious. Apparently he was getting squirrelly at the hospital and they want him to be quiet, so home was as good a place as any. The neurologist cleared him to go home, so far everything looks good. The eye doctor also said his eye looks good, he can see a little bit out of it now. We will continue to moniter him at home and look for any signs of altered mental status, and try to keep him as calm and quiet as possible. No rough-housing for a little boy (and his brother)? Seriously? It's going to be harder than they think. Later on in the week he will need to go see a plastic surgeon and possibly have another CT scan to make sure everything is healing as it should. Bottom line, he is home and laughing and being as charming as usual.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Prayers Needed

Earlier today my little nephew Jacob fell off a wall and landed on his face. He was taken by ambulance to a trauma center, and is in ICU where they are monitering him closely. He has skull fractures and his right eye is swollen shut. The doctors say there is no swelling of the brain as of yet, but the concern is that a bleed will start. They have let him sleep some, and he is still wearing a neck brace. They are encouraged that he does cry when he is awake. He has undergone at least 2 CT scans so far. They haven't given a lot of details on what the treatment plan will be. They did mention that there was a concern that they don't want the skull fractures to heal too quickly either. I will be on a plane out to Hemet tomorrow. Your prayers for Jacob and his family would be appreciated. Thanks.