Thursday, October 11, 2007


I got my first piece of Otis B jewelry and I love it! I had been looking for a nice pearl bracelet for a while and till I saw this really cute one on Darrah's website, and saw that she has slashed her prices! Her jewelry is fresh, flirty and stylish. I'm not really the jewelry type, but I like to have a few really nice pieces. All of her creations are made with semi-precious stones, so they really are high quality, not just beads on a string. My sister in law recognized her work right away, "Is that one of Darrah's? It is so cute!" Click here for her website, or I have it listed under my links.

Busy Bees

It has been forever since I posted anything and I'm feeling guilty, especially since there has been so much going on that I could post about. At the end of September I flew to AZ for Josh and Amy's wedding. It was beautiful, she was beautiful, and everything went smoothly. I still haven't gotten around to editing the pictures yet. I got to spend time with family, and it was so good to see all of them. My nephews seem to be getting cuter by the day and I miss them so much!

So I got home on a Monday, and that Thursday my sister flew out here! I figured she wasn't in school or working and deserved a break from packing, so why not come see me? She is here for 2 weeks or so, and we have been kicking around. She now knows how boring my life really is, and how quickly the days can fill up with meaningless little tasks. How sad is this - I saw 2 tractor-trailer accidents this week and I thought that was incredibly exciting. Ug.

Two weekends ago, Do, Erika and I drove down to DC for their picnic. It was very small this year because there was a wedding in NJ at the same time, but we had a good time regardless. It was good to get a chance to just sit down and chat with people we don't get to see too often. Do's beau Craig was able to meet us there too, since he has been working in Virginia for the past few months. (Yes, this was part of the ploy to get my sister to come out and stay with me) Then we went to the DC meeting on Sunday.

On a sad note, we had a goodbye dinner for Peter and Nicole. He got a job in Iowa and we found out they were moving. We had a great time at Applebees, not talking about moving, and giving them "un-birthday" gifts, and by Friday they were gone. Us girls are going to miss Nicole terribly. She was part of our transplant club! (Wives who married men in Dorothy and moved here from somewhere else) She is always a beacon of love and cheerfulness. She is the type of person you want around if you are having a bad day, becuase she can always bring out the best in a situation, and she is sooo much fun to hang out with. Hopefully they come back to visit often, Iowa is lucky to have her back.

This past weekend, Hubby and I took Do and Craig up to Lancaster, PA and toured around Amish country. The shops are amazing, and the countryside is spectacular. The leaves are just starting to turn here. Driving on meandering roads, leaves floating down around you, hearing the clop clop clop of passing horse and buggy, seeing the tractors in the fields, looking at the quilts hanging over fences... ~sigh~ I love Amish country. We did the touristy thing and took a guided tour of an old order Amish house, and learned more about their way of life. Did you know that Amish women hold their dresses together with straight pins? They think it was because there used to be a shortage of buttons, and you can pin as fast as you can button anyway so why bother with extras? I wonder if there is some poor Amish girl that is as klutzy as I am? She probably has pin prick marks all over her. My sister bought a beautiful wall-hanging quilt that is in shades of blue. Hubby and I bought a hutch! We had a bit of difficulty bringing it home but we finally got it here and in good condition.

This coming weeking Hubby and I are headed for Las Vegas. He has a work seminar for the week and I am flying from Vegas to CA to spend a few more days with family. It's Jacob's first birthday too! I am so excited I can be there for the party!! Hubby and I will have a few days for sightseeing too, so we booked an airplane tour of the Grand Canyon and a walking tour of Hoover Dam (Hubby hasn't seen either yet). He also is excited to go see a Lance Burton show. So hopefully, we will have a fun, safe time!

Storage galore

We got a new hutch for the dining room! I am tickled pink, and Hubby actually really likes it too. We got it in Lancaster County. I don't think its made by the Amish because we didn't pay that much for it. But it's the style we like and it looks very sturdy, so we were ok with it. It has lots of cupboard and drawer space and even has a board that you can pull out for even more counter space.
How perfect for football nights! This will keep them out of my kitchen :) I am waiting till we can semi-secure the top piece to the bottom piece before putting things in it. Of course my first reaction is to bolt everything down and secure it to the wall so it wont budge. Hubby has to keep reminding me that there are no major earthquakes in Jersey. Oh yeah. No wonder I couldn't find Quake Putty in any stores around here! It is helpful to secure things when you have kids flying around the house though.

Here is something else I found that I really liked. If you have a muffin pan sitting around, fill it with potpourri and tea lights. It looks and smells like fall.